Forever Skies Coming Soon, With A Demo Available Right Now

Similar To Subnautica, In Smoggy Skies

“In a post-apocalyptic world”, as just about every new IP states when introducing itself, Forever Skies takes place in the sky above an environmentally destroyed earth.  You and your plucky airship travel through skies, searching the ruins to collect resources, food and water.  In a very Subnautica like style, your travels will also incorporate retrieving data tablets to learn the back story of the world.  

The materials you gather are used to customize and upgrade your airship, making it more comfortable and lets you give it your own personal aesthetic.  Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN loved the look of it, and wished that they could spend a bit more time on the demo, but unfortunately you are given a time limit in your playthrough, though by the sounds of it you aren’t limited to a specific area.

You can grab the demo now on Steam, and Forever Skies should hit early access before the end of the year if you enjoy your flight.

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