Final Fantasy Tactics Is Being Remastered And Headed To The PC

Time To Dig Out That Old Levelling Guide

Final Fantasy Tactics was arguably one of the best grid based strategy games of it’s time, and possibly one of the best Final Fantasy games.  On it’s face it looks quite simple, but as you get into the game it begins to reveal it’s depths.  As you level your characters you are able to switch jobs to fulfill requirements for high level jobs that aren’t immediately obvious.  Two of the most powerful are the Arithmetician and Mime, and without a guide you’ll likely never figure out the job and level requirements to become one.

It’s never made it to the PC before, so this will be of great interest to old fans of the game.  The project is definitely in the works, though as of now we don’t have a timeline.  It will be interesting to see how the game will look, as there was a lot of time spent on designing the look of those old sprites and the update had better live up to our memories!

If this makes you pine for other similar games from your past, don’t get your hopes up for remasters of the real Fallouts, as Todd has vetoed that idea.

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