Falcon Northwest Talon 2023 Review – Featuring the Intel Core i7-14700K

The Talon starts at $3643 USD, and it can be configured with your choice of AMD or Intel processors on both desktop and workstation platforms. The price includes what is arguably the highest quality mid-tower case in the world, a bespoke design itself worth a chunk of change, and every component in the case is top-notch. Falcon Northwest will never be a budget brand, but if you can afford it, there is no greater treat than unboxing one for yourself and seeing just how premium a gaming PC can be, inside and out. Even the packaging is second to none.

At this point the review sounds like an ad, so I’ll stop gushing.

Bottom line, the Talon is a nearly flawless system, and you definitely get your money’s worth – though it is quite expensive compared to a DIY build. If I had to nitpick anything, it would be that the 80 mm intake fan on the back interferes with potential expansion, though I understand why it’s there. It is optional, so if you are going to populate additional PCI-E slots it doesn’t have to interfere, and I daresay that, aside from the GPU, the majority of ATX systems have no PCI-E expansion cards. I’m the weirdo that still uses things like PCIe sound and video capture cards, but external solution dominate the market.

If I were to buy a prebuilt system right now, it would be the Talon. I loved the FragBox, and I’m (obviously) quite taken with Falcon Northwest as a company based on my interactions with both the people and hardware. The only way they convince me to deviate from the Talon is to bring the Mach V back. Preferably in beige.

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