Falcon Northwest Mitigation Strategy Paves Way to Fixing Intel 13th and 14th Gen Stability Woes

See more benchmark results – including games – over at hardwareLUXX

Multi-core workloads in particular will be affected, as power of 253 watts is just not sufficient to provide the numbers we were seeing back when 320+ watt power draw was considered normal for an Intel flagship CPU. Single-threaded performance should be unchanged – or possibly even higher, if the Cinebench result above and my own experience with power scaling are any indication.

We do not yet know how running at insane power numbers (and voltages) has affected the long-term health of Intel 13th and 14th Gen Core i9 processors, but even if your motherboard vendor has not provided an update I think it’s time to accept that AMD has faster multi-threaded performance this generation from its Ryzen 9 CPUs, and scale back your power limits to a level closer to the 253-watt maximum actually specified.

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