EVGA Abandons Making New GPUs

There have also been a few videos from other review sites that have added a few more details … or rumours depending on how you look at it.  NVIDIA was apparently told about this change by EVGA back in April, and there are unverified claims the decision was made because of  disrespectful behaviour on the part of NVIDIA.

EVGA does have a stockpile of current generation cards, which they will use to honour any future warranty claims so don’t worry if you are currently running one of their products.  This also means if you are shopping for a GPU right now, you might want to think twice about grabbing an EVGA card; they will likely be in stores until the RTX 4000 series arrive.  

As far as the business goes, EVGA not going out of  business nor selling it.  On the other hand, it is claimed that EVGA will not be expanding into new product categories, which could well include Intel GPUs.   They still have a fairly large motherboard portfolio as well as a solid PSU business to keep them going.  As with literally every other company they also sell mice and keyboards so we may see far more products in that line as well.

We are hoping to get more details, which we will of course pass on when we can.

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