EPOS H3PRO Hybrid Wireless Headset Review: Maximum Flexibility

A look at the included accessories (the USB wireless dongle is not visible, but is included in one of the bags)


I paired the headset with an iPhone 12 Pro and listened to everything from lossless music to YouTube videos, and the sound quality was as good as any standard Bluetooth (SBC codec, not AAC or aptX) connection allows. I still felt like the sound was a bit reserved, but it’s a smooth sound that serves to mask some of the limitations of standard BT audio streaming.

The only other Bluetooth headphones with ANC that I’ve listened to recently were the JBL Club 950NC, and the comparison was very unflattering to the JBL. The H3PRO Hybrid pretty much mops the floor with the Club 950NC, with greater comfort, better noise cancellation, and more extended bass response from the EPOS headset.

I also installed the EPOS app and have nothing to report as I could never get the app to see the headset, even when it was successfully paired to the phone and playing music without issue.

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