EK Fluid Works S5000 Workstation; A Threadripper And RTX 3090’s

All The Power, And All The Budget Too

In answer to your first two questions, it is $15,761 and yes it can do 4k gaming at 100fps or more.

For that you get a Lian Li V3000 with a completely custom liquid cooling loop attached to a Threadripper 3990X and two Zotac GeForce RTX 3090s.  The ASRock TRX40 Creator seems to have been modified to ensure it says cool as well, though the cooling of the 128GB of DDR4-3200 is left to the heatspreaders which G.SKILL uses.   The storage is comparatively limited out of the box, with a single 1 TB Samsung 980 PRO NVMe SSD installed, though there are two more M.2 slots you could populate as well as eight SATA cables.  All those PCIe lanes seem pretty useful suddenly, especially when you add in a USB 3.2 Gen2x2 Type-C port at 20 Gb/s and two Type-A at 10 Gb/s; not to mention the legacy ports.

This is not quite intended to be a gaming rig, but as TechPowerUp proves in their review it is more than up to the task of playing anything at ridiculous resolutions (including Crysis).   In tests such as SPECworkstation 3.1 it blows away the competition, which until now was a battle between a Ryzen 9 3900X and Intel’s i9 10900K; neither of which can come close to the Fluid Works S5000.

Read on and weep; from jealousy or joy.

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