Eat Expensive TSMC Chips, For Real This Time?

Another Chip Shortage Leads To Price Gouging

TSMC released a new chip during their Q4 2023 financial meeting, but not the type you are thinking of.  They partnered with a snack company based in Taiwan called Guaiguai to create green TSMC branded coconut flavoured corn puffs.  There were not many of the chip packs released and they are very popular because “placing packs of the chips on or close to machinery is believed to ensure that it will continue to function and won’t experience a failure.”  The TSMC chips would generally sell for $0.80 but have been seen selling as high as $16, making them a better investment than most cryptocurrency.

As for the earnings, they were not too bad.  TSMC brought in $7.56 billion in Q4 2023, which is up 13% from the $6.68 billion they brought in during Q3.  That is not horrible news, but compared to Q4 of 2022 their earnings are down 19% which is.  They expect that to reverse in Q1 2024 and income to rise significantly and we shall see how accurate that is in a few months.

There are no details as to what process node the chips were fabbed on, and we don’t have any to try to measure.

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