Dredge Has Landed Some DLC

Ice Fishing For Eldritch Horrors

Dredge is an indie game which became very popular on Steam with gamers and reviewers, all of whom offered very favourable reviews.  It seems fishing for beings with a disturbing number of eyes and tentacles makes for a great deal of fun.  Some of those beings are not exactly prey however, as they are significantly larger than your boat and could easily swallow it whole.  That gives it a bit of a Subnautica feel, albeit in a much stranger environment.

The various areas you visit have quests associated with them, so this is not just a horrific fishing simulator.  Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN have revealed that there will soon be another area to explore, one filled with ice.  In fact some of the ice is in turn filled with things you probably don’t want to disturb, fitting perfectly with the theme of the game. You can grab The Pale Reach now if you want to head back into Dredge, or pick it up with the full game if you have yet to try it.

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