DOOM: The Dark Ages Teaser Trailer

A Shield As Satisfying As Launching Sawblades In Half Life 2

Bethesda might be slaying games left, right, and center but DOOM has survived the carnage as it is very hard to permanently kill that particular Space Marine.  Things will be a bit different, as DOOM: The Dark Ages seems to take place somewhere that resembles a D&D campaign.  The setting is fairly medieval, however there are dragons to fly around on as well as hordes of demons to slay.  The inclusion of flight combat in DOOM is certainly unique, hopefully it turns out to be well implemented.

In addition to a swanky fur cape, and traditional Boomstick the Slayer has a shield to play with.  The trailer does show it deflecting incoming fire but it can also replicate everyone’s favourite Gravity Gun trick and you can fire it up like a chainsaw and toss it at your enemies.  It follows the same physics as Captain America’s shield, so no worries about losing it in amongst the rubble of civilization.

There is also a gun which seems to use skulls for ammo, and there should be plenty of them to harvest.  Check out the short trailer at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN if you have yet to watch it.

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