Digital Bros lays Off 30% Of Staff, Using The Worst Excuse Ever

How To Upset Your Employees And Customers In One Easy Step

The gaming industry is seeing a huge amount of layoffs, just about any of the large players you can mention have recently reduced their staff drastically.   The likes of Microsoft, Epic, CD Projekt, and others have all recently laid off hundreds of workers and now Digital Bros are following suit, dropping almost a third of their workforce.  These budget cuts are inevitable in the current economic market, but will likely be very obvious when the crunch time before a game launches inevitably occurs.  One shudders to think of the executive reassuring their team that by using an LLM they will be sure to release a quality product at launch.

That everyone is laying off workers is bad enough without Digital Bros coming up with an incredibly lame excuse as to why they also dumped a large amount of staff.  According to their official statement, we are scared of new ideas and games and what we truly want are sequels and remakes.  This is rather rich from the company that owns 505 Games who were responsible for porting Death Stranding to the PC, a perfect example of how games actually do like new things.

Get ready for an exciting year of new games you’ve already played, designed by understaffed teams.

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