Delidding Ryzen 7900X Lowers Temps by 20 Degrees, Increases OC Headroom

After delidding, not only did temperatures drop by at least 20 C under load, but package power draw dropped by more than 30 watts. There is also some very interesting discussion in the video about AMD’s strategy to retain cooler compatibility with the new CPUs, which necessitated using such a thick IHS to match the earlier z-height. It seems safe to assume that a thinner IHS would result in better thermals, and more OC headroom.

Another point regarding AM4 cooler compatibility: any cooler requiring the use of its own backplate is not compatible out of the box with AM5, so you are stuck with options that use the stock mount until adapters (and AM5-specific coolers) hit the market. But in the new 95 C normal, does it even matter unless you are modifying the processor? In testing, we saw 95 C under load with a 360 mm AiO at 100% fans/pump, which produced a lot of noise just to live at TjMax.

If you haven’t watched the video, you should really watch the video. It’s embedded below.

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