DeepCool CK560, If A White Case Is A Plus For You

When Will Off-White Become An Option Again?

For some builds, a dark coloured case just doesn’t cut it, as reflections could play an important part of the look of a finished custom build.  That is why there are things like the DeepCool CK560, however in this case the internals are black while the externals are all white.  On the other hand, three of the four included fans sport RGBs and there is the traditional DeepCool RGB controller button on the top of the case.

The CK560 can handle any motherboard from ITX to E-ATX, though larger boards will make cable management somewhat more difficult.  It also ships with a GPU bracket to help support the heavier models, which you should have enough space to install without trouble.  The thermals were decent with the included fans, and you have more than enough space to improve that with watercooling if you so desire.

Check out the contrast between the interior and exterior at The FPS Review.

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