DDR4 Still Needs Love, The Overclockable Lexar HADES DDR4-3600 Kit

Do You Dream Of CL 18?

Thanks to Intel still supporting DDR4 for those that don’t want to fork over extra money for DDR5, and previous generation AMD platforms still available there is a market for new DIMMs.  Lexar wants to fulfill those needs with their new HADES DDR4-3600 32GB kit, with 18-22-22-32 timings and a fancy RGB’d heatspreader.

The XMP timings and frequency is easy to set up and gives you solid performance, however it seems that the official specs are just a suggestion.  Neoseeker could run at DDR4-4000 without adjusting the timings at all, and only had to drop to CL 19 to run DDR4-4200 without a hitch.

The extra frequency will help Intel users, and AMD users might be able to tighten those timings down a bit while remaining at the sweet spot of DDR4-3600.

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