Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Visits Dogtown

Got Tennis Elbow?  Replace It With A Flamethrower Elbow

Cyberpunk 2077 which apparently “wasn’t as bad as it seemed at launch, but it was “cool” to hate” will soon expand with the Phantom Liberty DLC and the new Dogtown area.  The DLC will run you $40CDN/$30US on September 25th, assuming they can reach the target date.  Regardless of Michał Platkow-Gilewsk’s take on hate, you might want to let the DLC age a few months before adding it, who knows what it will break.  The DLC includes new missions, a new buddy to ask you to do things, new areas and new cyberware.

CD Projekt Red are being quiet about exactly what new things to expect but this trailer over at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN gives us a quick peek at something we haven’t seen before.  The Black Market is located in Dogtown, beyond the reach of most of Night City’s residents and law enforcement but it isn’t exactly lawless.  There are shiny new illegal weapons and cyberware on offer, but be careful if you plan on stealing anything, as you will see.

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