Cyber Knights: Flashpoint, Like X-COM But Stealthy

A Sneak Peek Before Early Access

Fans of top down, turn based games have had their fair share of new games recently but their has been a dearth of stealth focused games.  Cyber Knights: Flashpoint will fill that missing piece as it is very stealth based, going in guns blazing will lead to a bad time as your Heat metre rises and more and more reinforcements pour in.  If you keep everything quiet, and make sure to hide the bodies though, you will find success much easier.

As the name implies, your agents can be outfitted with a variety of cyberware, though they will be unavailable for a while as they heal from their surgery.  Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN were also impressed by how well their teammates interacted with each other, their relations seem to change based on their actions.  There are currently six classes, which will double at launch and the release should also add in base building.  There are a few problems with the AI at the moment but as this review covers a game not yet in early access this is not too worrying.

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