Could MSI Afterburner Flare Out?

MSI Seems To Have Cut Ties With Afterburner’s Russian Developer

MSI have recently confirmed rumours that they are no longer paying Alexey ‘Unwinder’ Nicolaychuk to develop and support Afterburner or the RivaTuner Statistics Server.  As you might expect, this is due to the invasion of Ukraine and while this is the first we are hearing of it, Alexey says MSI stopped honouring the licensing agreement 11 months ago.  He has continued to develop the overclocking application and the RivaTuner Statistics Server it depends on, but is considering changing his focus to other projects.

MSI have stated that Afterburner will continue on for the foreseeable future, and that this will not be the end.  It is unclear who might take over the support but MSI is confident they will be able to continue to provide support and improvements for Afterburner.  RivaTuner Statistics Server on the other hand, which MSI Afterburner depends on is a separate project of Alexey’s, which he does intend to continue work on.

It will be interesting to see what the fallout of all of this is, but it seems like Afterburner will continue on in some form, at least for now.

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