Could Mopria Make Printer Drivers A Thing Of The Past?

Mopria Could Wake Us From Our Long Print Nightmare

It seems that Mopria suffers from a huge publicity problem.  A solution to third party printer drivers, backed by every major printer manufacturer and which works on Windows, Android Linux and Chromebooks that has not had coverage by tech sites nor mention by Microsoft?  The Mopria organization claims to support millions of printers and their drivers, allowing users to instantly install their preferred tree killer with our without access to Windows Update and which has come with Windows since Windows 10 21H2 … yet this never made the news until now?

It’s not just the time it takes to get a recalcitrant network printer to stop ignoring it’s DHCP assignment and stick with a single address, nor trying to find the right version of firmware and driver to stop a single paged print job from producing 176 pages each bearing only a single wingding character at the upper left which could make this so amazing.  PrintNightmare made it clear to the last holdouts that third party printer drivers are more than a PITA, they are also a huge security risk.

Regardless of the obscene lack of press, Mopria looks to soon become a part of your life as Microsoft have announced their intentions to phase out support for third party printer drivers over the coming years in favour of Mopria.  The timeline is rather extended, 2025 will see the end of new printer drivers on Windows Update and by 2027 the plan is to pull all third party drivers from it forever.   Here’s hoping that the Microsoft IPP Class driver and Mopira will make printer support a thing of the past!

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