Corsair Xeneon Flex OLED; A Display With The Bends

From Flat To An 800R Curvature

Have you ever wanted an ultrawide screen that is flat when you need it to be, yet curved when you would prefer it?  If so Corsair has an interesting product for you, called the Xeneon Flex OLED.  This 3440×1440 RGBW OLED 45″ panel has handles on the side which allow you to curve your display as you like, and lock it in place.  That flexible personality is likely the reason the resolution is rather low for a screen of that size; though Kitguru had no complaints and Corsair assures customers that as long as you are about a metre away from the screen it should look fine.

It is still a prototype, you won’t be picking one up today.  Once it does launch Kitguru is guessing it will be close to $3000, though it could be less.   You should take a peek at the review, regardless of your desire to own a Xeneon Flex OLED, for it is nifty to watch the screen bend.

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