Corsair Nightsabre Wireless, High Quality But It’ll Cost You

11 Buttons Yes, 2000Hz Polling Rate Not So Much

The Corsair Nightsabre Wireless mouse sports 11 buttons, if you count the three DPI buttons, so you can use it in a MOBA or add more easily accessible actions on FPS game.  The wheel tilts as well as scrolls, which accounts for four of those buttons, so you only have four buttons for your thumb to keep track of, or two if you are quick with your index finger.  That is impressive and does help justify the high price, unfortunately the polling rate lets it down.  TechPowerUp’s testing revealed that “the mouse simply sends two identical updates in every packet, both in wired and 2.4 GHz mode. Doing so serves no purpose other than faking readings.”  That is a rather poor choice on Corsair’s part, but at least the 1000Hz polling rate works exactly as it should.

If, for some reason, you require a true 2000Hz polling rate then you should give the Nightsabre Wireless a pass.  If 1000Hz is enough for you, the PixArt PAW3393-T4QU sensor worked flawlessly and can offer anything between 100 to 26,000 CPI.  Check out the full review for a strip show as well as a delve into the tweaks you can use iCUE to do.

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