Corsair K70 MAX RGB Mechanical Keyboard, With New Magnetic MGX Switches

Magnets, How Do They Work?

The Corsair K70 MAX is not just a variation of the PRO, it has a variety of features unique to it to differentiate itself from the PRO.  The most obvious is the introduction of the Corsair MGX switches which use magnets instead of mechanical switches to detect keypresses.  That ability to sense the proximity of the magnet means you can easily adjust the actuation point for the entire board, and for single keys if you so desire.  It also makes the keyboard relatively quiet compared to purely mechanical models.

Tweaktown tested out three actuation depths and were pleasantly surprised by the difference they felt.  In addition to the new switches you can adjust the polling rate from 1000Hz up to 8000Hz if you need to all but eliminate input latency.   There is some bas news along with all the good, to experience the new magnetic switches you will need to fork over $230. 

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