CORSAIR K55 CORE Gaming Keyboard Quick Look Review

Usage Impressions

The all-important question: how does the K55 CORE feel?? Non-mechanical keyboards seem to run the gamut in that department. I’ve used some that were nearly indistinguishable from mechanical switches, and some that were spongy and unpleasant. Where did the K55 CORE finish in this reviewer’s subjective opinion?

It’s fine. Not spongy, surprisingly crisp. There is a suggestion of tactile feedback from the keycaps’ traversal through their structures, but you won’t mistake key presses for mechanical switches – there is that rubber dome feel when bottoming out. The keys do feel pretty light, as actuation does not require much pressure and travel is not deep. Sound is muted, not silent but much more quiet than any mechanical I’ve used.

In short, it feels like a solid rubber-dome keyboard, and keypresses are light – and shallow – enough to allow for fast typing.

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