China’s Loongson Shows Off Their New Homegrown 3A6000 Chip

The Evolution Of The MIPS-Compatible LoongArch Architecture

In reaction to the tariffs and trade restrictions that have been levied against them, China chose to start developing their own silicon.  The LoongArch architecture was designed and is being developed by Loongsoon, base on the MIPS RISC architecture.  Their new Godson CPU is called the 3A6000 based on SPEC CPU 2006 benchmark simulation test results Loongsoon have posted, the performance should be on par with a Zen 3 Ryzen 5xxx or an 11th Gen Intel Rocket Lake chip.  As with any self published results, you are going to want a bit of salt on the side.

If true that is a fairly strong showing and quite a jump from the previous 3A5000 silicon, which we haven’t seen in the wild for somewhat obvious reasons.  That result is still somewhat behind Intel and AMD’s recently released generation and so far there has been little to no information about power draw so it will be interesting to see what those specifications are when the 3A6000 is actually released.  

It is likely to take a while for the details to leak, but it seems a safe bet that they will sooner or later.

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