Check Out Microsoft And Meta’s Picks Of The Week

The Cube Is A Croc

It’s Wednesday, so how about a bit of the weird to start your day off by way of Microsoft, Meta and The Register.  The latter discovered that these companies are both offering new products, and they are not what you would expect.  Indeed they are more likely to cause you to question someone’s sanity than to inspire you to run out and grab them.  We shall start with Microsoft, who apparently downsized their department of good taste recently.

Minecraft Crocs are now a thing you can buy, for a mere $59.99.  They are properly called Minecraft Elevated Clogs and feature a colour scheme straight out of Minecraft, for all your high fashion needs.  That’s not all however, they are elevated because there are greebles attached to the questionable footware.  Your feet will be styling with a block, creeper, chest and more sticking out from your new Microsoft gear.

Meta, who have also likely laid off most of the department in charge of preventing bad ideas from seeing the light, have reinvented the cubicle.  The new Meta Cube is shockingly curved in design, as apparently it is the 90 degree angles that are the sole cause of employee’s antipathy towards the office.  They are also made of recycled PET which makes them soft and theoretically sound dampening.  The padded cubicle is, of course, nothing new nor is it particularly effective.  It is at least slightly less hideous to behold than the Microsoft Crocs.

Somehow neither of these new products are doing much to distract from the layoffs.

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