Cheap 10GbE Switch Round Up

I Want My 10GbE

If you are ready to dump your old internal network for a modern one that supports up to 10GbE then ServeTheHome is the place to go.  They’ve created a round up of inexpensive 10GbE switches to form the backbone of your internal network.  Even better, this is a living document and they will continue to update the list, so you might want to bookmark it.

If you can find an ISP that will provide you external access at 10GbE then congratulations, but for most of us the full speed will only be available internally.   The models they include span everything you might need, be it an managed switch or unmanaged, SPF included or not, or if you need PoE included.  The prices also range quite widely, so if you have a price range in mind there should be something for you.

Yes, Nicgiga is included in their list.

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