Button Down! The Razer Naga V2 Pro Gaming Mouse Is Here

10, 14, Or 20 Buttons With A Simple Click

Razer’s Naga line of wireless gaming mice are famous, not just for the number of buttons on the mouse, but also because those extra thumb buttons are hot-swappable thanks to the magnets on the three side panels.  Razer’s Synapse software not only automatically when you swap out the side panel, it will let you reprogram any of the three of them, no matter which one is attached currently.  It may take some work to get your game to recognize the buttons though.

The sensor is a Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor which was, as you might assume, developed in partnership with PixArt capable of up to 30,000 DPI.  It is also effective on just about any surface, up to and including glass.  Razer also reinvented the mouse wheel on the Naga V2 Pro, as the software lets you adjust the tension and step distance of the mouse wheel, with a graph representing rotation and tension available, as well as five presets already on the mouse.

The full review can be found at Tweaktown … wonder if it works with Mechwarrior?

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