Big, Bigger, Lian Li Lancool 3

The New Lancool 3 Is Not Easily Dragged To A LAN Party

The Lian Li Lancool series used to be famous for low cost and high portability, but with the lack of LAN parties nowadays we haven’t seen a new version in quite some time.  For the new series, including the Lancool 3, Lian Li chose a completely different direction they support up to E-ATX boards.  In this case it is (D) 526 x (W) 238 x (H) 523 mm (20.7 x 9.4 x 20.6″) of aluminium, steel, and tempered glass.

The case is good to go out of the box, as there are three 140mm PWM fans installed in the front and a single 140mm PWM fan in the rear.   You can also add another three 140’s or equivalent at the top if you so wish though from TechPowerUp’s testing they are not really needed for normal usage.

Check out the full review for more.

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