AZZA Cube 360, The New Value King Of AiO Coolers

The Best At 200W, But Still In The Running When The Heat Spikes

The AZZA Cube 360 is one of the least expensive AiO coolers that The FPS Review has had the pleasure of testing, as well as one of the most effective.  They tested it against three other 360mm AiO coolers, from Enermax, MSI and Cooler Master, which range from 10% to 20% more expensive.  Their 200W testing surprised them, with the AZZA Cube 360 beating out the competition at certain fan speeds and within a degree of victory at full fan speed.

It didn’t fare quite so will at 250W but still turned in respectable temperatures, especially when you consider the price tag.  If you need a cooler for a system that won’t break the bank nor produce more than 49 dB(A) even at full power then check out the full review of the AZZA Cube 360.

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