Axis Unseen, Skyrim Like But Only A Bow And Gigantic Enemies

Can’t Have Dungeons With Enemies Ten Storeys Tall

Axis Unseen looks somewhat like Skyrim or perhaps Horizon Zero Dawn seeing as how you only use a bow.  The bow is rather unique though, that is where the sound monitor, player stance, and reservoirs of energy UI is located, instead of sitting in the corner or bottom of the screen. That would be enough to make Axis Unseen a novel game, but the developers didn’t stop there.  They focused on large enemies, one of which is indeed ten storeys tall but thankfully most are on a bit smaller scale.  That means dungeons are right out, however the surface world is around five times the size of Skyrim so you shouldn’t feel too put out.

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN had a chance to try out a small part of it, ending up like Pingu after Bigfoot sent them flying through the air to their death.  The developer didn’t get into the backstory of the character nor the game world, but what little they shared can be found here.

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