AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra, Welcome To HDMI 2.1

Capture 4K At 60 Hz While Playing At 144Hz

HDMI 2.1 has been around for a while, but affordable capture cards that use it certainly have not.  At an MSRP of $300 the AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra 2.1 is one of the first to market and will likely be popular with streamers of all varieties.   The device itself is about the size of a deck of cards, connecting via a 10Gbps USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C plug.  The Live Gamer Ultra captures RAW video files, in NV12, YUY2, RGB24, and P010 at a 4K resolution and a solid 60Hz.  If you are a game streamer, this will really make your video shine considering it will capture you playing at 4k with adaptive sync up to 144Hz.

TechPowerUp were very impressed with the Live Gamer Ultra, from the overall design to the software that allows you to tweak it.  They also loved how easy it was to set up with OBS but warn potential buyers a good 10Gbps cord and USB-C on both ends is a must to get the most out of the card.  They are also very hopeful that a firmware patch will be released in the near future which will bump the steam capture up to 120Hz.

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