Atomic Heart Continues To Tease Us

DLSS 3 Support Should Help Your Performance Too!

It has been almost five years since we first heard tell of a game called Atomic Heart, set in an abandoned Russian theme park/research complex.  Lately the teaser trailers and developer interviews have come quite frequently, giving us hope that we might actually see the game some time this year. The rumour is February 21st will be the launch date and as it has not been pushed back in quite some time there is reason for hope.

The gameplay indicates something a little similar to Bioshock or Control , with your powers provided from polymer injections as opposed to plasmids or Control points.  Unlike either of those games, Atomic Heart will be fully ray traced and will support DLSS 3 so that even older RTX cards should be able to give you a great experience; sorry AMD fans.  

The new trailer, which you can peek at over at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN, gives a better look at some of the more interesting weapons, powers and enemies you will face than some of the previous ones.  It also looks like you will have a flying car of some sort for at least a short time.

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