Atari’s THE400 Mini With CX40 Joystick Goes Into Pre-Order In The US

A $150 Exception To The No Pre-Order Rule

If you fondly recall the early days of gaming, firing up the original Atari 400 with it’s iconic joystick or are curious about why everyone is so nostalgic about those days then this might be for you.  Atari has announced US only pre-orders for the $120 THE400 Mini with 25 classic games and $30 for Atari 400 Mini CXStick, which is sold separately.  That is a little unfortunate but then again it connects via USB-A so you can substitute a different controllers if you want to avoid the extra cost. 

Inside the THE400 Mini is an AllWinner H3, with 256MB of RAM and 128MB of flash storage.  You won’t have to dig out an old converter either, connectivity is via HDMI and it has five USB-A connectors so you can game with a bunch of friends as well as loading on more 8-bit games from a USB drive.  The power is provided by USB-C, which seems quite amusing for those that recall the original Atari 400. 

When playing games like Berzerk, Lee, Millipede, Miner 2049er, M.U.L.E., or Star Raiders II you are now actually able to save your games, instead of being stuck playing until the end, or your last life, whichever comes first.  In addition the THE400 Mini offers the ability to REwind your game up to 30 seconds, just in case you made a horrible mistake and need another try.

You can check them both out here, if you are tempted.

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