ASUS TUF M3 Gen II, A Lot Of Mouse For $25

Not Everyone Wants A $100 Gaming Mouse

The ASUS TUF M3 Gen II looks exactly the same as the Gen I, but is noticeably lighter at 59g.  It also comes with IP56 certification so it is perfect for use on the road, and mostly safe to hand off to younger gamers that might be a little less cautious about spills around the computer.  As you would expect, it is festooned with RGB lighting and you can adjust the lightshow with the Armory Crate software suite from ASUS. 

The mouse contains a PixArt PAW3318 which can offer from 100 to 8000 CPI, the main switches are TTC Gold and it is capable of up to a 1000MHz polling rate.  TechPowerUP liked most of the hardware, apart from the feet and cable, both of which were average at best.  Those are the biggest sacrifices made to keep the price of the TUF M3 Gen II at $25, making it a great choice for a sacrificial mouse.

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