ASUS Nabs The NUC – PC Perspective

The NUC Is Dead, Long Live The NUC!

The Intel made NUC is dead, but the form factor certainly is not.  There are many NUC clones from a variety of suppliers most of which are every bit as good as the original but it seems only ASUS will be given license to carry on the NUC.  Intel and ASUS have agreed that the latter will sell and support 10th to 13th gen NUC devices as well as developing and selling new generations.  

It is possible this agreement may mean the NUC line expands to encompass more devices than just the tiny PC we are used to.  It is thought ASUS might create DIY kits for similar devices but could also move into DIY laptops.  This would be very interesting as apart from Framework, white box laptops have all but disappeared.  The idea that you might soon be able to buy a NUC branded motherboard and processor sized for a laptop you can build a new system with, or update an older one is rather nice.

It might just be that the NUC being cancelled is the best thing that could have happened to it!

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