ASRock B650 Pro RS And It’s Blazing M.2 Socket

Best Board To Build On A Budget?

ASRock, as we have said many a time, now produces quality products which generally cost less than the competition while still retaining most of the features.  The ASRock B650 Pro RS is a great example of this, with DDR5, PCIe 5.0, 2.5 GbE LAN, and USB-C all included in a ~$200 product.   The compromise is that only one port, the Blazing M.2 socket is actually PCIe 5.0, the other two M.2 are PCIe 4.0 as are two of the three PCIe slots; the third is actually PCIe 3.0.

It also doesn’t have any RGBs! There are RGB headers if you can’t stand that idea however.

The FPS Review were satisfied with the cooling on the VRMs and MOSFETs, and more than happy with the M.2 cooling.  The aesthetics will appeal to those that tend towards a clean design, and it should be on your list if you are shopping for parts for a Ryzen 7000 series.

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