ARM Grabs A Slice Of Raspberry Pi

It’s Been A Long Engagement

ARM have always supported the work of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, after all it is their chips which power the exceptionally popular tiny computer.  The relationship was never officially consummated however, at least until now.  The details are sketchy as the deal was done behind closed doors, however it is a reality.

ARM have purchased a minority share in Raspberry Pi, which will allow them to help with future products.  They missed the launch of the Raspberry Pi V, but it is an easy bet that the next family of products are already in development and ARM will be able to exert some influence on their design.

The timing does make sense in another way, with the RISC-V summit kicking off next week.   The RISC-V architecture is in direct competition with ARM, providing low cost and open source chips just as ARM does.  The ability to help guide the most popular low powered devices for industry and personal use should help ARM secure the Raspberry Pi Foundation as a customer for at least the near future.

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