Archaelund Lets You Explore Like Elder Scrolls But You Fight Top Down

No Demo, But Early Access Is Under $30

If you love running around a world in first person, so you can enjoy the view, but would prefer turn based combat to that which requires quick reflexes then Archaelund is worth a look.  4 Dimension Games doesn’t seem to have much history apart from Exiled Kingdoms, an original Fallout style CRPG so it will be interesting to see how well they pulled of this far more complex game.  There are several dozen reviews of it on Steam which are positive, and Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN also liked what they saw.

Your career progression resembles the Warhammer RPG or Final Fantasy Tactics, you could start as a squire, apprentice or labourer and as you gain levels you will eventually become a proper knight or mage.  Currently there are five playable races including minotaurs, and goblins, fifteen different careers, fourteen skills, more than 60 talents or abilities, and over 50 spells.  That should give you a lot to try in early access if you want to grab the game. 

As usual RPS has a video showing the highlights in their look at Archaelund.

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