Arbiter Adds A New Hall Effect Keyboard, The Studio Polar 65

Magnetic Fuji Switches, Spill Resistant And A Unique Layout

Until recently we only saw the Hall Effect in joysticks, using magnetic fields instead of traditional means of tracking your movements gives a much smoother and accurate experience.  Lately the Hall Effect has been utilized in keyboards as it allows you to easily program the actuation point of the keys, often on a per-key basis.  The Polar 65 is the first keyboard from Arbiter Studio and from what TechPowerUp experienced with this keyboard they are a name to watch.

The design includes double shot PBT keycaps, and a CNC aluminium frame, with not only removable keycaps but also hot swappable switches if you want to try something other than the pre-lubed Fuji switches it comes with.  The software to control the keyboard lets you adjust the actuation from 0.1 to 3.8 mm and there is a rapid fire function you can use as well.  It also handles the RGBitis on the mouse.

You can grab a finished POoar 65 for $150 or for $125 you can get one without keycaps so you can add your own.  Check it all out here.

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