AORUS Z690i Ultra Plus, Now With Less WHEA Errors

Bye Bye BSoD

Those who bought Gigabyte’s AORUS Z690i Ultra when it first came on the market saw a large number of blue screens of death thanks to Windows Hardware Error Architecture errors.  These stemmed from a problem with it’s one and only PCIe 4.0 slot, and led to Gigabyte offering owners a refund or an exchange for this board, the AORUS Z690i Ultra Plus.  While the experience may have left some with a sour taste in their mouth, it doesn’t mean that this board shares similar issues.

This Mini-ITX board sports heatsinks almost half as thick as the board is wide, with armour on the backside as well.  That seems to do a decent job keeping the VRMs and other components cool, as TweakTown hit 5.2GHz on all cores on the i9-12900K.  The cooling wasn’t enough to move this board to the top of the charts, but for such a tiny board it does do very well.

If you are building a SFF system the AORUS Z690i Ultra Plus is a decent choice, certainly better than the non-Plus version.

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