All New Rescuezilla 2.4, And New-ish Redo Rescue Too!

For When You Forget The Actual Number Of Backups You Have Is Always One Less Than You Think

Computers have come a long way over the decades, but with that complexity has come a cost.  No longer do we have the old Norton non-destructive reformat, nor is it as easy to recover an NTFS partition as it was a FAT based one; not to mention the hurdles full disk encryption offers if you have to recover data from a dead system.  That doesn’t mean you can’t do it, only that you need new tools.

Clonezilla is one such tool, quite powerful but intimidating to those that are not comfortable working from a command line.  Rescuezilla was similar tool, which offered a GUI based recovery boot disk but thanks to some nefarious people they needed to rebrand as Redo Backup and Recovery many years ago.  That seemed to have taken the wind out of the project as it went almost a decade without an update.

That has changed, and thankfully The Register noticed and shared it with the world.  Redo Rescue quietly updated their Debian 11 based recovery tool two years ago to version 4.0, even if the website’s text hasn’t quite caught up yet.   Rescuezilla, a fork of Redo Rescue based on Ubuntu 22.04 have reclaimed the original name and have also updated their software to version 2.4 this week.  They are both FOSS, so grab them now, in case you might desperately need them.  You can always donate whatever money you have left over after pumping  up your PCPer Patreon pledge if you like.

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