Alan Wake 2 Launches This Week – Is Your PC Ready?

It’s time to decide if you’ve waited long enough to upgrade to a new GPU

With the pending release of Alan Wake 2, could PC hardware enthusiasts have another Crysis on their hands? By now you have probably heard that this new game requires a feature – Mesh Shaders – which is not supported by graphics cards as recent as AMD’s Radeon 5000 Series and NVIDIA’s GeForce 10 Series. At minimum you will need a card from the AMD Radeon 6000 Series, NVIDIA RTX 20 Series, or Intel Arc.

It may be hard to believe, but it has been five years since the launch of RTX, with the RTX 2080 introduction back in September of 2018. And while the advantages of real-time ray tracing have been pretty hotly contested (let’s face it, enhancements to reflections or shadows aren’t always so easy to notice in real time), once you have seen a fully ray traced title you might just become a convert. Path tracing is the future (and it’s very, very hard on hardware).

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