Ajazz AJ199 4K, A Wireless Mouse With A Lot Of Endurance

High Polling Rates Require A Large Battery

The Ajazz AL199 4K gets it’s name from it’s top polling rate of 4000Hz, which can be problematic on a wireless mouse as the higher the polling rate the quicker your battery drains.  To solve that issue they added a 900 mAh battery, which they claim will last up to 300 hours at 1000Hz and likely around 30 hours at 4000Hz.  Ajazz also managed to keep the weight reasonable, the AL199 4K weighs in at 63 g.

TechPowerUp appreciated the use of a PixArt PAW3395 sensor and Huano switches, however they were unimpressed with the scroll wheel and accuracy of the mouse.  It would be perfect for working on the road, but for gaming you might want to consider a different solution.  For the $70 asking price though, it is a great mouse to stick in your laptop bag as it will be ready to go even after it’s been in there for months.

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