A Year And A Bit Of Windows 11

All The Penetrating Power Of An Overcooked Noodle

It has been just over a year since Windows 11 was released to the public and currently 15.44% of machines are running it.  The good news for Redmond is that they’ve gained almost 2% of market share in the last month.   It would be hard to call that a successful launch of a new operating system regardless of the measure you use.  It is even harder to try to blame it on supply chain issues instead of utter disinterest from customers.

In part, Microsoft’s decision to limit Windows 11 to machines that support and use TPM.  A release from Lansweeper, a corporate asset manager, found that less than half of the systems it monitors are even capable of supporting TPM, the majority have CPUs and motherboards which are too old to even have that feature.  Removing half of your client base from even considering your new product seems to have been a rather poor idea, but that is indeed what Microsoft chose to do.  The only positive they can claim is that there are still more systems running Windows 11 than there are Linux machines.

The Register revealed a more interesting statistic in their recent post, the fact that “Android comprised 42.37 percent of total operating system market share“.  That is a huge number, and not something you might consider when you think about what the most popular operating system is.  Android isn’t even old enough to drink in the USA yet, but in those 14 years Alphabet’s OS has made huge inroads into the computing world.

Linux you ask?  1.04%

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