A Windows Bug Makes File Explorer Faster

Just Press F11 Twice For A Boost

Windows bugs are not usually a source of amusement nor do they tend to make your day better, however this newly discovered bug does both.  A Twitter user discovered that on this week’s new Canary version of Win11, build 25941 that quickly maximizing and then windowing File Explorer by tapping F11 twice has a significant effect on the speed.  The Register tried it out for themselves and confirmed that it does indeed make the program significantly faster.  

The release notes make no mention of this, which is not surprising as the method to improve File Explorer isn’t exactly obvious.  Microsoft have also not replied to any inquires, which suggests they aren’t quite sure how this works either.  Windows 10 doesn’t seem to benefit much from the trick, but it is worth trying on other flavours of Windows 11 to see if you can convince File Explorer to work like it used to back in the day.

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