A Step Closer To A PlayStation 5 Jailbreak

30% Of The Time It Works All The Time

SpecterDev is an exploit developer who is fairly well known by those interested in console hacking, and they have proven once again that they deserve that reputation.  They have released a jailbreak exploit that will work on some PlayStation 5’s at least some of the time.  The exploit is somewhat limited, as you cannot run arbitrary code as of yet, however you may be able to gain root privileges and read/write access to large chunks of system memory.  That is a big step towards developing a more robust exploit.

The jailbreak only works on PlayStation 5’s which are running the 4.3 firmware update, and should work on 4.5 with a bit of tweaking.  Sony have since patched the issue and it is unlikely to work on newer firmware versions, which is up to 5.5 at the moment.  The exploit sets up a race condition that exposes socket header memory before it is fully locked and uses that as a hook to start reading and writing data to the console.

If you are curious about checking this out, Ars Technica has links you can follow to learn more.

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