A Peek At The New Windows 11; USB4 Gen2 In WordPad Out

Now Available In The Dev Channel And Beta Channel

If you are curious what is in store for you in the next major Windows 11 feature update other than Copilot automatically launching at boot if you have a large enough screen, check out Ars Technica.  For one thing, WordPad is finally going for good, it will uninstall and you won’t be able to get it back. This is sure to upset dozens of users.

Microsoft will be adding native USB4 Version 2.0 (yes, we are at Version 2 already) to Windows 11, giving you 80Gbps transfer speeds if you have the hardware for it.  If you are an Android user and habitually pair your phone to your PC then the Snipping Tool will now let you edit Android screenshots in place.  Those that like to overshare a bit will be able to send links from WhatsApp and Gmail directly from the Windows share window. 

If you are energy conscious, Windows 11 will now have a customized Energy Saver taskbar icon for desktops so you can reduce your usage even on devices without batteries.  There are a couple of other new tricks being added, which you can see in the link up there at the top.

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