A Pair Of Mice From Pulsar, The Xlite V3 and Xlite V3 es

A New Look For the Pulsar Xlite Series

The new Pulsar Xlite V3 is physically different from the previous version, even the largest of the three available sizes is slightly smaller than the V2 and Pulsar filled in all the holes filled which gave the previous models such a distinctive look.  The Xlite V3 es, so called because it is the eSports version of the mouse.  Instead of using software installed on your machine to adjust the settings, there is an OLED screen on the bottom of the Xlite V3 es that handles your settings.

They both use the PixArt PAW3395 sensor, though there are slight differences in the implementation.  The Xlite V3 can manage from 50 to 26,000 CPI, while the eSports model offers six steps of CPI which double the sensitivity, ranging from 400 to 12,800 CPI.  The polling rates are also different for for wired performance, though both can hit 4000Hz when wireless. When wired the the Xlite V3 tops out at 1000Hz while the Xlite V3 es can hit an impressive 8000Hz.

You can check out the V3 here, and the V3 es on this page.

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