A Key Deal, Corsair Acquires DROP

They Aren’t Saying How Much It Cost To Buy All The Keyboards

It would seem that Corsair are looking to expand their peripheral business and have done so in a quite impressive manner.  They have purchased DROP for an undisclosed amount of money, who brings a huge customer base with them.  Corsair is reassuring fans of DROP that they will remain as they were, and will still sell under the DROP name; Corsair branding will likely appear somewhere however.  The warranty and service requests currently being handled by DROP will not be affected, as the DROP team will remain unchanged after this purchase.

This will certainly help expand DROP’s customer base, giving them access to the global market which Corsair has established. This could lead to interesting new products; custom keys for your Elgado setup could be a lot of fun.  On the other hand, there are dangers that the brand will be diluted and some of their more extreme keycap sets and keyboard bodies might be replaced with less expensive alternatives.

Only time will tell, but the fact Corsair is leaving DROP intact and treating it as a separate business line should offer some hope for the near future, at the very least.

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