A Half Dozen Of The Best Gaming Microphones

From The Easiest To Set Up To The One With The Most RGBs

The microphones on gaming headsets tend to range from awful to relatively acceptable; good enough for chatting with your squad in Battlefield but not ready for prime time.  With the popularity of gaming streams today, dedicated microphones have seen an upsurge in sales.  They can provide better audio quality for your listeners and come with controls that gaming microphones simply don’t have.  That leaves the question of which one you should pick up.

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN tested out a number of microphones and picked winners in six different categories.  For those shopping for a deal, the HyperX SoloCast will do what you need for not much money.  On the other hand if you are looking for the best overall then check out the Neat Bumblebee II.  If mobility is your concern, how about a tiny Rode NT-USB Mini to stick in your bag?

Check them all out here.

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