7 Mac Hacks You Should Know As A Beginner

Are you a new Mac user looking to learn the ways to use the device efficiently to get the most out of it? If yes, you are on the right page. Windows users who switch to macOS find it difficult to get acquainted with the new features and functions.

Even though both operating systems come with unique features, using them is a different experience. Mac users gain access to new apps and functions that they are unfamiliar with, and sometimes they wonder how to use them correctly.

7 Tips & Hacks for Mac Beginners

In this article, we will explain some essential tips that will allow you to use your new Mac faster.

Preview Files Easily

More often, users save all associated files with similar names and it’s hard to identify the file you want to view. If all the files on your desktop or in the Finder are stored with the same name, you can open the desired file without opening them all.

The Preview app will allow you to look at the contents of the file without the need to open it. This way you can recognize the file you need and open them easily. Preview streamlines your workflow when you are working on an important project and deadlines are approaching.

Take Shortcuts Differently

When you need to save a copy of an image or quotation you viewed online, screenshots come in handy. On your Mac, you can take a screenshot in several different ways. You can either capture your entire screen, a portion of the screen or can take a video screenshot.

Press Command + Shift + 3 if you need to capture your entire screen or press Command + Shift + 4 to click a particular window. Learn other productivity hacks such as shortcut for clipboard on Mac, sharing files via AirDrop, and so on.

Split View Option

The Split View allows you to run two different apps in parallel on your Mac screen. Now, you don’t have to switch between app windows as you can work in different programs altogether for better productivity and time management.


To use Split View on Mac, simply open the apps you want to work in and place them together. In any of the windows, click on the green bubble and select Tile Window to the Left of Screen or Tile Window to the Right of Screen to let it fill that particular portion of the screen.

Use Spotlight Search

Mac’s built-in Spotlight Search feature allows users to perform quick searches or do simple math. The app enables users to convert units and currencies without browsing for online converter apps. You can add, multiply, subtract, or divide simple values using the native feature.

The Spotlight Search is a multifunctional app that simplifies your day-to-day tasks through a single window. Press Command + Spacebar to open Spotlight and type in what you are looking for, converting inches to centimeters, for example.

Try Multitouch Gestures

Trackpad is a dynamic way to execute different operations on your Mac. By using different gestures, you can save a lot of time and effort that you put into completing various tasks on the computer. Getting acquainted with the trackpad will take time, but it’s fun to use it.

There are different ways to use a trackpad, for example, double-tapping the trackpad with two fingers will zoom in or zoom-out the PDF or a webpage. In addition, sliding two fingers up and down will allow you to scroll up or down the page.

Use Control Center

If you think the popular Control Center feature is only available on iPhone, you will be surprised to see it on your Mac. As you already know, the Control Center will allow you to quickly get to the BlueTooth, WiFi, and other useful settings.


To open the Control Center on Mac, click on the Control Center icon displayed in the top-right corner of the screen. You can click on any particular icon to enable or disable the respective feature. In addition, you can customize the Control Center as per your preferences.

Find Apps Outside the Dock

When you can’t find the apps in the Dock, you will have to find them everywhere else on your Mac. In case you aren’t familiar, you will find them all in the Launchpad. You will find all the installed apps and programs quickly in the Launchpad.

To open Launchpad, press the F4 key or open Spotlight and then type in Launchpad to open it. Add a Launchpad icon in the Dock so that you can quickly open the app right away without navigation to other locations on Mac.

The Conclusion

The above-mentioned tips will help you use your new Mac proficiently. The more you use these features, the better you become at them. You may also learn the keyboard shortcut keys to accomplish any task faster.

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